Stop Foreclosure NOW!! WE CAN HELP

Stop Foreclosure NOW!! WE CAN HELP

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If You’ve found yourself facing foreclosure you’re not alone.  Colorado hasn’t been an exception of the misfortunes brought by the harshest U.S. economic recessions, along with an uncontrollable lending market and real estate bubble. All of these processes led to extremely high numbers of house foreclosures across the whole country, including Colorado. And the recovering economy is no relief for that trend yet.

Struggling with financial difficulties has prompted many to be lagging on their mortgage payments. And bankruptcy looks like a natural solution.

Not paying your mortgage leads to facing foreclosure and this doesn’t give you much time to react. The house will sell can much less than you owe you could be responsible by the lender for the difference between the mortgage amount and what it has been sold for (the deficiency balance).

It goes without saying that you will be feeling confused, afraid and angry, with no outlook for a resolution on the horizon yet. But as all matters in life, there is always a solution.

There are a couple of prevention steps which you can take in order to avoid your home being taken by the bank.

  1. Pay off your mortgage or sell your property. Paying off your mortgage is the quickest and most painless process. The bank is only looking for their loan being completely paid off and this step will put a hold on the foreclosure process as well as will not ruin your credit report.


  1. Reach an agreement with your bank. Occasionally, there is the possibility for reaching a favorable agreement with your bank. You can discuss a lower monthly rate and more flexibility with your payments. Agreeing on a lower monthly rate can even save your home. If you have a hardship you may qualify for a Hardship loan modification.


  1. Sell your home quickly. If you manage to sell your home quickly, you will be able to repay your loan before the auction date and it is much easier to repair your credit if the foreclosure doesn’t go through.


  1. File for bankruptcy. In some cases, bankruptcy is worse than foreclosurebased on the harm it can have on your life. But bankruptcy will stop the foreclosure process.


What can White Sands Property Solutions can do for you in case of foreclosure?


Our process is pretty straightforward:

1/ We schedule an options interview with you to determine what is it that you want to do and how we can help.

2/ In case you want to keep the house, we have the ability to point you in the right direction to do that and we can help you understand the process.

3/ If, on the other hand, you would like to sell your house, we can offer you several options to maximize what you can receive from your house.

The earlier you come to us for help, the more options we can offer you.  We bring years of experience, knowledge and a wide network to help us support you through those hard times.  You have many more options if you ask for help early in the foreclosure process.

Please keep in mind that in the state of Colorado someone in foreclosure is a protected class due to the Colorado foreclosure protection act of 2008.  We understand that and we will treat you with dignity and respect.  We will also offer you solutions that are in your best interest.

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