Starting the New Year Off Right in a New Town

Starting the New Year Off Right in a New Town

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So you have moved to northern Colorado, be prepared to enjoy a beautiful area with plenty to see and do. The communities of northern Colorado are perfect for families as well as individuals with such quality communities as Loveland, Fort Collins and more. If you are new to the area, you will be starting off 2017 in a great new place. However, if you do not know anyone you may be wondering how you can make friends or get to know others in the area. Below are a few tips that realtors recommend in order to meet new people in your new town.

Join the Gym

Like the beginning of every New Year, individuals usually head to the gym as part of New Year’s resolutions. You can use this to your advantage! Join a gym such as Anytime Fitness or Loveland Athletic Club to make new friends. Strike up a conversation with individuals in cardio or CrossFit class to be able to meet new people. Ask someone to go for a coffee after a workout or ask for recommendations for shops and restaurants in the area. Just beginning a conversation can help you to meet new people and feel more comfortable getting to know others.

Kid’s Classes and Activities

Another way to meet new people is to enroll your child in classes or activities. You will find the northern Colorado is filled with fun activities to enjoy as well as classes for kids. In Fort Collins, you will find Mountain Kids and the Contemporary Dance Academy offer dance as well as gymnastics classes. Enroll your child in such classes to be able to meet new people and help your child make friends in the process!

Get to Know Your Co-Workers

Many newbies to northern Colorado have moved to the area due to employment opportunities. Take time to get to know your co-workers in efforts to make friends. Ask questions about work and life as you go about the work day. Try going to lunch once a week or more with your co-workers to be able to get to know each other and hopefully make new friends in the process.

Charity Work

If you want to give back to the community along with meeting new people, consider becoming involved with a local charity. You will find that there are many ways to work with those in need in northern Colorado. Contact local charities to see how you can help and get to know others with similar values as you in the process.

Community Events

In Loveland and Fort Collins along with other cities in northern Colorado, you will find events such as festivals offered year-round. Attend any events or festivals that are of interest to get to know the locals. Talk with vendors about their wares and take part in activities to find people who live in your town that have the same interests.

Taking time to get to know the area to make new friends as well as enjoy your time in your new home town!

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