How to Stage Your Home for a Successful Sale

How to Stage Your Home for a Successful Sale

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The spring season will soon be here and this is the perfect time to list your home on the market. Homes sell quicker when listed in the spring as the weather is nice for showings, landscaping is at its best, and families are trying to secure a home before the next school year. To ensure a sale, you want to be sure to stage your home for the buyers. Follow the steps below to have your home showing ready and have the potential to make a quick sale!

Remove Personal Belongings

To begin, you will need to remove personal belongings. In kid’s rooms, be sure to tidy up toys by removing the majority from the room so the spaces look nice and clean. Make it a game of sorts so the kiddos will not be sad that their toys are packed up for a few weeks. Remove family photos from the walls so potential buyers will not be distracted with your photos and instead look at the size and value of your home. Any personal belongings should be removed to ensure that the home is neutral so that buyers can see its true potential.


Removing clutter is a must. Over the years, home owners can collect a great deal of ‘stuff’. Take a look around each room of your home and make sure that every item in each space belongs there. Declutter by removing items you do not use and rearranging furniture to make the space appear bigger. By decluttering, your home will look even cleaner and will give the potential buyer the vision they need to see their items in your home.

Depending on how long you have lived on the property, you may need to acquire storage space. Decluttering is important but you need to have somewhere to place your items. Rent a storage space or use a family member’s garage to place your items. This way, you do not have an overflowing garage or room in your home filled with stored items. You want each room of your home to seem open and inviting so buyers will be enticed to put in an offer.

Freshen Up

During the spring months, the weather is nice enough so you can take time to freshen up the home. Take a look around each room. Does any trim or doorways need touching up? Do you have any rooms that are bold in color? If so, take time to paint and go with a neutral tone. Most potential home buyers are easily distracted with bright colored paint or wall coverings. By painting rooms in a neutral tone, the buyer is not distracted and can see the home for its important value, including square footage.

These are just a few key points to staging. Talk to your realtor about what they suggest you do in regards to your home. Realtors have insight as to what buyers want and can point you in the right direction as to what you should do to your home to ensure that it looks its very best and that you have the potential to be successful with a quick sale!


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