Shopping in Fort Collins: Where to Visit First After Your Big Move?

Shopping in Fort Collins: Where to Visit First After Your Big Move?

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When you move to the Fort Collins area of Colorado, you may have no idea where to begin when it comes to shopping for essentials as well as enjoyment. Moving to a new city can be stressful and knowing where to go for what you need can take a little of the stress away. Whether you need clothing for the climate change, a haircut or groceries, you will find Fort Collins is easy to traverse and offers you wonderful retail options for all your shopping needs.

Historic Old Town

For a unique shopping area in Fort Collins, visit Historic Old Town. Here is where you will find unique shops and a lovely area in which to soak in the local atmosphere. The cobblestone streets and beautiful buildings are a wonderful sight and will make you feel right at home. Find antique stores for decorating your new home with unique treasures or find lower priced d├ęcor items at local flea markets. There are sports stores, clothing stores and so much more in this area.

Also in Historic Old Town you will find art galleries where you can purchase local art works for your new home, or simply enjoy viewing the wonderful works of art by local artists. The clothing stores in the area are quite unique offering quality styles, trendy items and vintage pieces.

Foothills Mall

For a more modern shopping experience, travel to the Foothills Mall. Here you will find national department stores, food items, custom shops and more. When you are in search of a traditional shopping experience, be it for school clothes for the kiddos or work clothes for yourself, you will find the mall is the ideal option for shopping.

Foothills Flea Market

If you love looking through unique treasures and enjoy the mystery of the find, the Foothills Flea Market is the ideal shopping ground for you. The flea market has 14,000 square feet of space, all located indoors, for shopping year round. More than 70 dealers set up at the flea market offering a wide range of products for you to enjoy. You will find bizarre and unique items along with luxury pieces for the home, clothing, beauty products, sporting goods and so much more. The Flea Market offers something different whenever you visit, so you can always rely on a fun time!

These are just a few examples of the areas that Fort Collins offers for your shopping needs. You will find the area is easy to navigate and you can spot grocery stores, shopping areas, beauty shops and more for your everyday needs. When you move to the area, take note of the shops you pass near your home. Find convenient options for grocery shopping, haircuts, clothes shopping, etc. to make your move to the new city stress free.

You can also speak to your real estate agent to learn more about the area and what is located near to your new home. This advice can come in handy when it comes time to stock your new fridge or to purchase clothing or household items.

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