Relocating to Northern Colorado: Top Cities in the Area

Relocating to Northern Colorado: Top Cities in the Area

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Relocating to Northern Colorado: Top Cities in the Area

If you find yourself relocating to the northern region of Colorado, you may be wondering just what cities you can call home. There are many lovely areas in the northern area of the state that offer you options for residency where you can enjoy an active town life or a simpler country dwelling. Such areas as Fort Collins, Loveland or Windsor will make a perfect place to call home or even start a new business.

Fort Collins

One of the most populated cities found in Colorado is Fort Collins. Located just 65 miles from the city of Denver, Fort Collins offers a charming area in which to call home. The population is just over 160,000 with the town originally being a military outpost for the United States Army in 1864. Today, you will find the town is college based for students attending the Colorado State University. Families as well as individuals enjoy the small town feel, especially the Fort Collins Historic District. The town has a thriving beer culture with several microbreweries in the area as well as festivals including the Colorado Brewers Festival. Arts and culture, dining, nightlife and more can all be found in this area.


With a slightly lower population than Fort Collins, Loveland offers a beautiful area in which to call home. Big Thompson River runs through the town with tons of water activities to enjoy. From water sports to dining along the water front, Loveland provides quality options for entertainment based on this large body of water. Loveland provides the perfect atmosphere for families, home to a rich arts and culture scene along with golf, top quality schools and recreational areas. The downtown area of Loveland is lively with dining, shopping and an art scene. The town was actually voted one of the Best Art Towns in America, coming in at second place.


For a smaller town feel, individuals relocating to northern Colorado will find the town of Windsor ideal. With a population of less than 20,000, the small town provides a quite escape from the big city life. Just 59 miles from Denver, moving to the small town still offers the option to visit and enjoy a more populated area.

Windsor is a community-minded town that offers special events for residents as well as art and culture, top rated schools, recreation and more. Moving to the area provides individuals with a strong sense of community with active art programs, events in the historic downtown district, Windsor Lake recreational activities and more. Enjoy walking along the Main Street of the historic district, with shopping including antique stores. The historical district features buildings created in the late 1800s as well as early 1900s.

As you begin to find a new home for a relocation to northern Colorado, consider Windsor, Loveland or Fort Collins. You will find each area offers something unique, with many options for the perfect home or business for your individual needs. Visit each town to see just what you will have access to if you call northern Colorado your home.

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