Preparing Your New Home for the Holidays

Preparing Your New Home for the Holidays

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Moving to a new home can be stressful, especially around the holidays. You may feel a sense of nostalgia by leaving your old home and want to enjoy the Christmas season in your new dwelling. But how do you handle the move and prepare your new home for the holidays? Below are a few quick tips to get you started.

Focus on the Main Living Areas

If you have little time to unpack before hosting family and friends for the holidays, focus on the main living areas. This would include the kitchen, dining room, living room, den etc. It is best to have these areas unpacked with furnishings in place as well as your standard décor. Don’t worry too much about bedrooms or other areas of the home and focus more on where your guests will actually be. This will help you feel less stressed as you enjoy the holiday season.

Don’t Stress About Holiday Décor

Once you have the main living areas unpacked, you may want to decorate with holiday items. Don’t stress about this. Add a few pieces such as decorative pillows or specialty lighting for a festive glow but don’t feel like you have to have a fully decorated home. Your guests will understand that you just moved and will be more focused on enjoying your new home rather than discussing your lack of Christmas tree or exterior Christmas lights. Take any old holiday décor you may have and set it up if you like, but only if you can do so with ease rather than stirring up additional stress.

Simple Foods

When hosting a holiday party or event, you will need to prepare food. But who wants to prepare a huge meal only to have to clean it up after spending days unpacking the home? Opt for a simple meal instead. Do a finger food event and have paper plates and cups for easy cleanup. You can still make such foods look beautiful and they taste good, without all the mess and hours of preparation. You can even consider having the party catered so you do not have to worry about a thing! Talk with your realtor about catering companies in the area or ask about options they suggest for simple dining during your event.

Play Games instead of Gift Giving

Because you have just moved, you may not have the time you like to go out and buy gifts. Instead of hosting a party where gifts are exchanged, consider playing games instead. This will give everyone quality time together and can cost nothing. Every guest can bring their own game and the party group can choose what to play. This will help to give an activity for your gathering and cut back on the time needed to shop.

Overall, you should enjoy your new home this holiday season. Don’t worry about having a perfectly decorated home. Instead, focus on sharing your new home with family and friends with good food, drinks and lots of laughter!

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