Packing for the Big Move: How Your Realtor Can Help

Packing for the Big Move: How Your Realtor Can Help

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When you are moving to a new area like Loveland or Fort Collins, you may be feeling a bit apprehensive. After finding a home, you may have no idea how to actually pack for the big move and prepare to move in. Thankfully, by utilizing the knowledge and experience of your realtor, you will be able to transition to your new home with ease, enjoying the space with family in no time. Below are a few ways your realtor can help with the big move.

Providing Vital Information

To begin, you realtor will provide you with vital information about your new home. With any home purchase, there is a set time in which you have to move in. Usually, this time frame is 30 to 60 days. You must wait the allotted time period before being able to move in. Your realtor will provide this information to you as a deal is being signed. This way, you know how much time you have to pack up your belongings, schedule the movers and set up such items as your electrical and cable connections. Set a schedule based on this information to help your move run smoothly.


Perhaps you have encountered complications with the move that were unforeseen. You may find that your home cannot be moved in to yet but you must relocate. Have your retailer help you find a short-term lease for an apartment or adequate lodgings until your home can be moved in to. A quality realtor will know the area and be able to make suggestions to you. You may also find that you need to store your belongings until your home is ready for move in. This will require storage facilities. As your realtor to suggest quality storage facilities you can use to place your items until you are ready to move in.

Help with Moving In

If you require assistance with moving in to your new home, ask your realtor for suggestions. You may be prepared to travel across country with your belongings but have no help in putting furniture and heavy items in to your new home. Moving services provided locally can assist with getting your items placed in the home correctly as well as quickly. This can be especially beneficial to singles or the elderly moving in to the community.

You will find the local movers can assist with transporting your large furnishings into the home with ease. Decorators can also be used to help place your decorative pieces such as wall hangings or curtains if you would like assistance in this area as well. Ask your realtor if they can suggest any quality decorators for your new home to look its very best.

Your realtor is not only there to help you find a new home but help you in the transition. Take advantage of their knowledge and experience to see your move go off without a hitch. Be sure to ask questions when you need assistance or ask for references for services you may require as you move to your new city.

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