New Year, New Home: How to Settle In

New Year, New Home: How to Settle In

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With the end of 2016 quickly approaching, many are looking to what 2017 will bring. For some, the New Year will be a transition into a new home. For new home owners, it can be difficult settling in, finding your place in a new community as well as adjusting to new employment and helping children become accustomed to a new school. Use the tips below to learn how to settle in to your new home and begin a New Year on the right foot!

Setting Up Your Home

Depending on what stage of moving you are in, there will be things you need to get done. Make a list of what you have yet to complete such as setting up cable service, electricity, unpacking certain things etc. Try to mark off as much of your list as you can each day without overworking yourself. Praise the work you complete and make new goals for the next day to see your home come together quickly.

Get to Know the Area

If you have moved to a completely new city such as Loveland or Fort Collins, be sure you take time to get to know the area. To begin, find out where services are that you need such as grocery stores, dry cleaners, hair salons, etc. Once you find these places you will feel more at home and at ease for when you need to go shopping or have services completed. You will also want to find a family doctor, dentist and eye doctor when needed. Ask your realtor for suggestions to be able to find a reputable health care provider for you or your family member’s needs.

Have Fun

Moving to a new town can be very stressful. Be sure to take time to have fun, stepping away from the many boxes that need to be unpacked in your home. I know it can be hard to stop working, but you will need a break from time to time. Go out for dinner or take the kids to a movie. Take a break and enjoy your new town, trying a new restaurant or visiting a museum. You will appreciate the break and come back refreshed, ready to tackle whatever lies ahead.

Get to Know Your Neighbors

When you have free time, be sure to walk around your new neighborhood and introduce yourself to the neighbors. Meet as many people as you can, introducing yourself and saying you are new to the neighborhood. This way, you get to know who lives near you and possibly make friends. Being friendly with your neighbors is always a good idea as you have someone who will help to watch your home as well as possibly create life-long friendships.

These are just a few tips to help you settle in to your new home. Take time to enjoy the move instead of feeling stressed, loving the excitement of coming to a new city. If you have a positive perspective of the move and the steps that go along with it, you will see that you are less stressed and are able to get things done, enjoying your new home in no time!


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