Moving to Loveland, Colorado

Moving to Loveland, Colorado

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Moving to Loveland Colorado

Located just 46 miles from Denver, the Loveland area of Colorado is a wonderful place to call home. The city is actually the second most populated town in Larimer County and has just over 72,000 residents who call the area home. There is much to see and do in Loveland from the art scene to dining and shopping. Individuals to families moving to the area will find the city rich with culture with a community-minded feel.

What to Do

When you first arrive in Loveland, you will find the area is ripe with activity. Shopping, dining, outdoor recreation and culture all come together to make the small town a nice place to call home. You will find shopping centers and outlets perfect for everyday shopping as well as boutiques in the downtown area of the city. Downtown is the ideal place to enjoy the community, with options for shopping, dining, museums and art galleries.

Art galleries are found dotted along the downtown area, with the art scene thriving in the city. Visit the 4th Street Gallery or the Art of the Rockies as you begin a tour of the downtown city streets. Imagine spending your days exploring the downtown area, walking along the clean streets and stopping at whatever tickles your fancy. Easily enjoy an evening of art, drinks and dinner before heading home for the night.

For outdoor enthusiasts, Loveland is full of activities to enjoy. With various parks and water areas, you can enjoy hiking, biking and water sports whenever you like. Individuals who enjoy outdoor sports as well as families that want to stay healthy can always find something to do outdoors in Loveland. A popular spot for hiking as well as views of the Colorado landscape can be found at the Devil’s Backbone Open Space area. Enjoy picturesque views as you hike along various trails.

Educational Opportunities

For families moving to Loveland, Colorado, education will be an important factor. The city is home to several elementary schools, middle schools and high schools, as well as college opportunities. Find several options for primary and secondary schooling as your child enjoys growing up in Loveland. For continuing education, degrees and certificates can be earned at Aims Community College, Colorado Christian University and William Loveland College. Several private schools are also offered in the area.

Homes in Loveland

When moving to the area, you will be in need of a home in which to live. The real estate market is thriving in Loveland as many people want to be located near the bustling small town. On average, a townhome or attached unit dwelling will start at around $160,000 making this housing choice quite affordable. Detached homes will start at an average price of around $255,000 and up. The market tends to fluctuate but you can always find a great home to begin your new life in the Loveland area.

Take a look at all the entertainment, dining, shopping, outdoor recreation and educational opportunities in the area and you will see that Loveland is a wonderful place to call home. Visit for yourself to see just what the city has to offer!


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