Loveland: Enjoy the Art Scene

Loveland: Enjoy the Art Scene

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When moving to the Loveland area, you will find the northern Colorado region offers a variety of activities to enjoy a busy art scene. Find art festivals and events throughout the year as well as an extensive collection of museums featuring local artist’s works. Find art work and décor for your new home or just enjoy a glass of wine and appreciate the beautiful artistry of the region by attending gallery events in your new home.

Sculpture in the Park

One option for enjoying the local art scene is Sculpture in the Park. This event takes place during the month of August over a three day time frame and features three dimensional art work from across the United States. More than 2,000 pieces are featured during the event created by over 150 sculptures from around the world. The event takes place with the Rocky Mountains as the backdrop and attracts thousands of people who love to look at the sculptures as well as add to their collections. The Benson Sculpture Garden hosts the event. The Loveland High Plains Arts Council transforms the gardens with volunteers cleaning up the area and decorating for the exhibits. From parties to silent auctions, the event offers a host of options for visitors to enjoy.

Stone Age Fair

Another popular festival that takes place in Loveland is the Stone Age Fair. As a new resident you are sure to love this age-old classic. Created in 1934, the Loveland Archaeological Society, Inc. hosts the event each year and strives to continue to tradition of the original fair. The event is free to the public and is used to promote the responsible collecting of artifacts. The fair has displays of Indian artifacts that are from a large portion of the United States including Colorado, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Nebraska and more.

Loveland Museum/Gallery

For a permanent option for enjoying art in Loveland, visit the Loveland Museum/Gallery. Home to 30,000 objects, the gallery offers a view of artistic works from local artists as well as art from the history of Loveland. Included in the exhibits are artifacts from the Sweetheart City USA and Great Western Sugar Factory. Learn more about your new home by visiting the art gallery and looking at paintings depicting the past as well as artifacts from specific time periods.

Additional Arts and Entertainment

When moving to Loveland, you will find even more options for arts and entertainment. Visit the 4th Street Gallery or the Art of the Rockies to view even more paintings and sculpture works. Attend live music events at the Thunder Mountain Amphitheatre or a play at the Rialto Theater Center. Whatever your artistic taste, you will be able to find something to see and do in the Loveland area.

Your new home will be much more comfortable and exciting you get out and explore. Attend a few art shows and go to the theater. Get to know the area, the people and places to visit. You will soon feel right at home as you get to know the northern region of Colorado.

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