Greeley Unexpected: A City to Watch

Greeley Unexpected: A City to Watch

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Greeley, Colorado hasn’t always had the best reputation. For many years Greeley struggled with negative stereotypes. From the smell of the nearby processing plant to being known as a bit of a cowtown, most outsiders couldn’t see much value in this northern Colorado city. Greeley is working hard to change these perceptions as well as making improvements to the city.

There are a lot of great reasons to call this place home. The city’s “Greeley Unexpected” campaign has helped turn the conversation around and really showcase the positive elements of the city. Here are some of the best reasons that make Greeley an awesome place to live and work.

Home Value

One of the best reasons to call Greeley home is that housing costs are still very affordable here. The average price of homes in Greeley is $281,392, compared to Colorado’s state average of $1,206,667. This is also quite affordable when compared with the average prices of nearby Loveland ($576,117) and Fort Collins ($444,537). Since Greeley still has some growing to do, purchasing a home here could be a wise investment in an up-and-coming community.

The Arts

Greeley has a vibrant arts scene including their annual Arts Picnic, an active arts association, many art galleries, and local artists. The city is home to the Greeley Creative District, which offers performance venues, museums, galleries, creative businesses, and mixed residential developments. Greeley also hosts First Friday art events with over 20 participating businesses.


The University of Northern Colorado

The University of Northern Colorado (UNC) is well-known for their teacher education program, but UNC is also a popular choice for business administration, sports and exercise science, and biology. Not only is UNC a great asset for current and potential students, it’s also beneficial for the local economy. UNC is one of Weld County’s largest employers.

Downtown Makeover

During the past few years, downtown Greeley has been transformed. As old buildings are renovated and new bars, restaurants, and music venues move into the area, residents and tourists alike are heading to downtown Greeley once again. In addition to hosting First Fridays, downtown Greeley also hosts Friday Fest every Friday in the summer, which offers music, family friendly events, and other fun activities.

Outdoor Spaces

Greeley boasts over 30 beautiful parks within its city limits. Open spaces, playgrounds, natural conservation areas, skate parks, trails, and bike paths are all available for residents of Greeley to enjoy. Over the next 20 years, the Greeley’s Parks Department plans on bringing 14 more parks to the city as well as expanding the trail system.

Especially for those who want to move to northern Colorado, but don’t think they can afford it, Greeley is a great option. This unique place is on the rise and poised to become the region’s next city to watch.

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