How to Get to Know Your New City

How to Get to Know Your New City

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So you have decided to move to Colorado, congratulations! You will find the state is filled with activity from busy downtown nightlife of Loveland to the beautiful scenic views found in nature areas around Fort Collins. No matter where you plan on moving to within the state, you should get to know the area, but how? Check out our tips below to get to know your new community, enjoying what the state of Colorado has to offer.

Local Tourism Office

One of the best ways to get to know a new area is to visit the local tourism office. Speak to a tourism official about how you have just moved to the area and they can point out interesting places nearby that you might enjoy. Art enthusiasts will be directed to galleries located in downtown Loveland while outdoor enthusiasts will be directed to such areas as Lory State Park. Use the knowledge of the tourism board to find just what you are looking for, be it entertainment for the family or the best restaurant in your new town.

Go for A Walk

If you live in a residential neighborhood or near the downtown area, go for a walk. Head out one evening to take a walk around your neighborhood and explore. You will be surprised to find quaint little cafes and unique shops where you can spend the day window shopping or enjoying a cup of local java. When you begin to get out and explore, you will find the area is filled with fun and exciting entertainment from museums to festivals and more.

Meet The Neighbors

Once you have found the perfect home, get to know the neighbors. You may find other families in your neighborhood to give your children playmates or find a new friend yourself! Pick your neighbors brain to see what their favorite local restaurants are, where they shop, etc. You may be surprised at what you learn and make a friend in the process.

Use the Knowledge of Your Realtor

Your realtor is a great place to start when you want to get to know your new home in Colorado. A realtor from the area can assist with the best driving directions, great shopping areas, dining establishments, local parks, etc. You will have access to everything you need to know to be able to enjoy your new lifestyle. Learn the best spots for grocery shopping, gyms for exercise, etc., learning everything you need to know to begin enjoying the area.

Essentially, you need to get out and explore. Talk to neighbors, ask your realtor for local info and rely on the local tourism office to get you started. By simply getting out and driving around town, you will find unique places in which to explore. Visit museums. Dine at mom and pop restaurants. Simply take in the beauty that is Colorado and begin to feel as if you truly belong. You are sure to enjoy your new home much better as you begin to get to know the city.

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