Amenities to Include in Your Northern Colorado Property Search

Amenities to Include in Your Northern Colorado Property Search

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When searching for a new home in Northern Colorado, you will find several home styles, from single level to split level, cabin style and more. Your individual style will dictate which type of home you would like but it is also important to consider certain amenities you might wish to have based on your new location. If you are moving to the state of Colorado from somewhere else, you will find that homes offer certain amenities that you may wish to have now that you are calling the state home. Check out the unique amenities you will find in Colorado homes to include in your search.


Colorado is known for being a colder climate and areas such as Loveland and Fort Collins are prone to snow. Many homes in the area offer a fireplace in the living area or even the bedrooms of the home. It is convenient to have a wood burning fireplace as you can spend less to heat the home. Electric fireplaces as well as gas are also found in Colorado homes. Consider what type of additional heating source you may wish to have in the home. Perhaps you would like to have just one fireplace in the main living area or would like to see an additional fireplace in your bedroom for cozy comfort. Add these amenities to your home search list for your realtor.

Hot Tub

Enjoy the cold Northern Colorado nights by having a hot tub in your home or backyard yard area. Having a hot tub means you can relax and unwind after a hard day’s work. The cool crisp air of Colorado feels wonderful as you soak in a hot tub with your favorite glass of wine. If this is an amenity you would like to enjoy, add it to your list of home must-haves.

Outdoor Entertainment Space

Many families or couples moving to Colorado seek an outdoor entertainment space. Depending on your budget, this can range from a lovely deck with a grilling area to a stoned patio with a built in BBQ grill, outdoor television and more. If you would like to have an outdoor space, consider what you like. Homes in Colorado vary on what they provide by way of outdoor space. The neighborhood, home type and amount of land will determine how large a garden area or outdoor entertainment space will be.


You may not think of land as an actual amenity but it is. When you have land, you have the option to build on further to your home, go hunting, fishing, etc. How does land fit into your new home search? Perhaps you would like to live in a remote location with many acres of land to your name? Or maybe you wish to have a small plot of land that is easy to care for. Think carefully about the land associated with a potential home and what you would like to be able to do with your space as you begin your home search.

Overall, it is important to know what you are looking for. By having the right amenities included, you will be able to find the home of your dreams when moving to Colorado.



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